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Lugano Design District is the fair-event that welcomes Swiss and international design leaders, created to offer business opportunities to industry players in the city of Lugano, the creative heart of Ticino.


Lugano Design District, is a fair-concept with a network of events and meetings that outline a new vision of design in sync with current trends, rich in modern and cosmopolitan features.
The general idea is to create a District, a city corner that will speak and live Design and Design only. A fair designed to gather momentum and release it in a burst of synergies, contacts, and interconnections. Lugano Design District is an ambitious project, built to accept this challenge and deliver enormous business value to all players involved.


 Exhibiting in Lugano Design District: Business opportunities


We shall devote an entire pavilion to companies showing Home and Lifestyle products and solutions. Each company can freely choose the ideal stand size and type to introduce their product previews and projects devoted to Design spaces and environments, with solutions that will captivate the public’s interest and curiosity.


The opportunity to participate with your own furnishings in the creation of a modern, smart house, designed to accommodate the family of the future; a design house crafted by Ticino’s architect Bruno Huber. It will be an outstanding occasion to build a real home from scratch, with welcoming spaces for the public.


The Gallery: Companies will exhibit the most representative pieces of their own collections. Lugano Design District offers a chance to preview new projects, a piece of furniture, a complement, or to showcase a creation that stands out for its design, aesthetics, and research effort.

Lugano Design District: Showcase space for designer brands


It describes Design through objects that pertain to the history of consumption and creativity. Truly enthralled by the experience, the public will be ushered into a delightful journey of knowledge and discovery of what the design craft truly involves: to think about the functionality and applications of an item and its intended use. In a curious and captivating manner, therefore, the public will enrich their perception of objects, tools, and accessories, many of which have acquired nearly icon status in our homes, generation after generation.



Reunions, meetings for discussion and debate on issues related to Design. Experts, entrepreneurs and professionals lead the charge. An opportunity to talk about Design from all angles. Because Design is creativity but also the creation of value, business, innovation, strategy, Marketing and Communication. A program designed to create instant engagement and networking, between Design vendors, Design creators, Companies and the end user.


The Lugano Design District characters


Coordinator of the Lugano Design District and Spazio Icon, member of the central committee of the Professional Group of Architects SIA, member of the CSEA and OTIA. Participates in various national and international architecture juries. In these years he made several industrial, administrative and residential buildings in Switzerland, Australia, Hungary, Holland and America. The activity of designer is not limited to conceptions of new buildings but also to restorations and renovations. His studio also deals with urban planning with the collaboration of architect Matteo Huber.


Appointment curator of Lugano Design District and Art Director of the event, lecturer in Industrial Design and Design Methodology.
He is the owner of an industrial design studio in which he carries out activities in production sectors ranging from urban furniture to design supplies, from sports to medical products, collaborating with Swiss and foreign companies.
He is also a lecturer and coordinator of the Industrial Design Technique at the SSS_AA high school.

design experience

A Fair designed to create moments of involvement and points of contact between Design, Design, Companies and the end user. The construction of an area created to allow a true Design experience to be experienced and not only admired. Lugano Design District is a collection of suggestions, inspirations and memories for what brings to Lugano an event that conquers the public and professionals with a creative energy, vital and without limits.

Benefits of Lugano Design District

Lugano Design District offer enormous visibility and marketing opportunities to companies that present the best of Design furnishings in Canton Ticino.

dedicated and sponsored events

Dedicated and sponsored events: The Design event will see the launch of new products, previews and meetings.

a highly interested audience

Highly interested audience: Thanks to Lugano Design District, the attending companies will be able to network with a highly engaged public.

network of profiled contacts

Ample networking opportunities: Broaden your business network with Living and Design professionals, boosting your brand’s visibility.

targeted communication operations

Targeted communication campaigns: Attending companies, leveraging the Fair’s strong recognition, should build ad hoc communications to profit from their Marketing investment and event attendance

Are you a company or a design professional?


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Lugano Design District is a project that involves a multitude of players showcasing their creations in a new edition of ArteCasa, the only Swiss fair dedicated to Home and Lifestyle.

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