Swiss Design Award
LDD – Award 23

Swiss LDD Design Award - Award 19

LDD – Award 23
Swiss Design Award

Swiss LDD Design Award - Award 19


LDD – Award 23 is promoted and organized by artecasalugano – LDD, the innovative Living Expo. The competition recognizes the particular skills of all design disciplines: design for living, design for work, design of technological systems and product design.

The goal of LDD – Award 23 is to enhance and spread quality design by involving designers, architects and companies operating in the sectors as in point 9 of the regulation (see attachment).

The Award nomination gives visibility to the general public, professionals and companies in the sector. The products that passes the selection will be exhibited in the LDD section during the event in three possible ways (see regulation in point 5).

LDD is one of the most important events dedicated to design that will host famous names in the local, Swiss and international scene. Simultaneously with the Furnishing and Complement Salon, born in 1963 in Lugano to promote artisans and the furniture industry, and incasa, the most complete path between services and everyday life, LDD is a district in the heart of the city where designers, architects, influencers, decision makers meet, discuss and share their visions on new trends in the sector.

Culture, insights, events: LDD is a real hub where ideas take shape and where doing business is combined with the pleasure of a themed food and wine experience, accompanied by musical entertainment.

The winners of the LDD – Award 23 will be unveiled and rewarded during a special evening in the presence of the jury, made up of authoritative Swiss professionals, city institutions and the press.


  • Fill in the Application Form (1) in its entirety with personal and / or company data
  • Fill in the Object Description Form (2) for each candidate object
  • Pay the registration fee for each candidate object
  • Fill in the Admission Form (3), which will become a contract only if the object (s) will be selected by the Jury
  • Fully accept the Award’s Regulations (4)

All forms and requests must be sent to the following email address: