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PromAx – Trade fair professionals in Ticino

We have been organising successful events for 30 years

Gli eventi fieristici di Promax Communication

Promax Comunication SA is a leading trade fair organiser in Switzerland. Driven by its passion and success, it has run B2B and B2C trade-fair events in Switzerland for over 30 years, helping companies aptly navigate new market challenges.

On the occasion of the 56th edition of ArteCasa, the Autumn Fair devoted to Home and Lifestyle to be held in Lugano October 12-21, 2018, we created Lugano Design District,a fair-event born to enhance Design and Furnishings in Canton Ticino, and to serve as a networking platform for all industry professionals.

For over thirty years, Promax Comunication’s history has been written with successes and innovation, a true witness of Ticino’s trade-fair excellence. Besides ArteCasa, Promax is the creator and organiser of Swiss International Holiday Exhibition, now in its 16th edition, the leading B2B and B2C event for the tourism industry in Switzerland. In 2009, Promax broadened its trade fair portfolio with MeetingLuxury, an event of local relevance dedicated to travel luxury, which brings world excellence in the sector to Ticino.

Promax also produces Tisana, the first Wellness fair, now in its 21st edition in Lugano, which also boasted a Locarno-based edition for a few years. Last but by no means least, Promax also organises Fair PrimExpo and the Salone del Camper in Lugano, showcasing all news, activities, equipment and services for leisure time, sport and outdoor life.

In short: Lugano Design District is a unique opportunity on the Ticino scene to get in touch and highlight a productive fabric that has made of design and furnishings the heart of its business.

Are you a company or a design professional?